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Dow Chemical Company has received a $1.5 million sponsorship agreement with the Saginaw Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau (SVCCB) for the 2016-17 Michigan State Fair season. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MNR) and the State of Michigan Board of Education announced the award today. Andrew Liveris, President and COO of Dow, said, "This sponsorship reinforces our commitment to Michigan and to the economic development and economic vitality of the state. Today, the Board of Directors of the Michigan Building Industry Association (MIBA) of SAGA voted in favor of awarding the sponsorship to Dow.

As one of the leading service providers in the Saginaw Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau, we have worked with countless corporate clients, large and small, to provide the best in-house brand, marketing and event management solutions imaginable. LED Dance Floor offers individual logos, photos and texts that can be displayed throughout the event. The prints are branded with the company's logo in conjunction with a specific colour palette and taken home by guests and customers. More needs to be done to increase the chances of influencing the success of your target group and to present your corporate brand to a wider audience, not just at your event, but throughout the company.

The mirror cabin is even better when you use a fully branded background, banner or banner on a screen that starts with the company logo at the top of the screen and a colored background. This service is combined with custom company monograms that are displayed on any surface such as floor, wall or background.

If you choose the colors and colors of companies to choose a particular theme according to your event, the possibilities are endless. There is no fixed price for corporate and non-profit events with a unique vision and focus format.

You can make any kind of donation to the GSO, as you see fit, and the money that fulfils the necessary tasks comes from everything that is at the service of the organisation. You can use anything you normally give on your AA anniversary, or if you've given $1 for a year of sobriety, which is okay now. It could be something as simple as giving to your group when they are doing well and giving a basket to those who would die.

We encourage you to continue to support the tradition on the 7th and to increase your normal donations in view of the problems we have. We still meet in the actual group building, but we bought a few "Big Books" in advance, which we give to the influx of new arrivals who will surely come through the doors while we are under quarantine. I encourage all of you, even if you do not have to buy literature yet, to continue to do so.

Have an interactive photo booth with a screen to capture customer emails and have the ability to share social media locally. Have the opportunity to sell members as if you were meeting with them in person, but without the need for a meeting room.

The arena in the Dow Event Center has an indoor / outdoor arena with a capacity of more than 2,000 people. In the past, the facility has housed several hockey teams and undergone a number of renovations to better accommodate the newly acquired hockey team with better facilities. Fairs have also been held there, and the complex hosts a variety of other events, including the Michigan State Fair, home games of the Detroit Red Wings, and concerts.

The city closed the facility on June 30, 2001, but the county reopened it on July 1, and the renovation work was completed in 2003. The total cost of the renovations was estimated at $17 million, according to the city of Saginaw and the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Since then, the Saginaw Spirit hockey club has been the main tenant, and SMG was hired by the county as a facility manager shortly after. With the internationally known Dow name associated with the event center, I expect exceptional benefits from the naming rights sponsor, "said John Dow Jr., facility manager for the county. We are trying to strengthen the financial position of the event centre with a namesake.

As we prepare for the next chapter in the history of the Saginaw Spirit hockey club and the venue, we have the opportunity to find out why so many companies trust us. To learn more about Nightlife Entertainment and its offerings and costs, please call us at (888) 762-5555.

Since many of our clients come to us to celebrate weddings, ceremonies and receptions, we know that we are not only able to provide entertaining and entertaining corporate events. We are available for planning a variety of events, from weddings and events for the family and friends of the newlyweds, to business meetings and corporate events to weddings.

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